What is 100ITA

100ITA is a project to promote the culture of “Made in Italy” food and wine all over the world, with the scope to convey the passion of people and companies that every day work on it and, at the same time, to reduce the imitation and the falsification phenomena of the Italian products.

100ITA works with F&B companies, international importers and distributors, associations, hotels and restaurants, chefs and F&B experts, opinion leaders and food bloggers, as well as develops possible cooperations with any stakeholder who wants to promote the real “Made in Italy” all over the world.

100ITA pursues its targets and achieves those collaborations thanks to an unique and innovative promotional process, composed of:
  1. A free online platform that allows its users to get Multilanguage information, to cooperate and extend its own food and wine network;
  2. An important presence in social media channels, both Western (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, …) and Eastern (Sina Weibo, Wechat, …);
  3. The use of only one brand of trust for the consumer, easy to recognize, free, registered at worldwide level and present only in the real Made in Italy products;
  4. The participation and organization of international food and wine events.
Thanks to that, 100ITA not only informs and involves people about the beauty of the Italian culture of food and wine, but also contributes significantly to protect consumers from buying counterfeit products and imitations (“Italian Sounding”): out of Italy, 2 out of 3 products sold, have no Italian origin despite they are characterized by names, images and brands that evocate this country.

The Italian Sounding problem damages consumers because of two reasons: people do not pay a fair price for the goods bought and do not get original products (made with production processes, techniques and raw materials of Italy): just google by picture “Mozzarella Wisconsin” and after “Mozzarella” to see the differences.

The consumers receive a damage, but also the Italian producers loose the opportunity to export real Italian products: in 2015 the loss caused by missed exportations amounts to about 60 billions € (against the 38,7 € of products exported in the same year).

100ITA wants to mitigate these problems in 3 ways:
  1. placing an unique trademark in the rear labels of the only products Made in Italy, in order to give to the consumers an easy way to recognize real Italian products from the imitations, informing and protecting them;
  2. promoting the Made in Italy products with activities and events of international relevance, implemented in various parts of the world with a specific focus on the Asian markets, China in particular; in 2014 100ITA was awarded with the Golden Panda Award as Best Italian Project in China (the same prize was won the previous year by Ferrari, Maserati, Ferrero and FIAT companies);
  3. promoting the Made in Italy products with specific online actions implemented throughout an integrated platform, that allows the consumers to:
      • have online access in all countries, included some that are subject to censorship like China;
      • integrate both Western social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) and the channels most used in the East (WeChat, SinaWeibo, YouKu);
      • find in only one place dedicated publications, information, insights, news and tips on products, producers, chefs, restaurants and in general everything related to the Food & Beverage and cuisine worlds of the Made in Italy;
      • have all the information available in different languages (Italian, English, Chinese, French, German ...).
Thanks to public and private funding, 100ITA also provide to the Italian Food & Beverage eligible producers (for inquiries, please write at info@100ITA.com), a several of pragmatic free actions to support the promotion of their Made in Italy products both in the domestic market and in international ones, in order to promote the true Made in Italy on one hand, and to protect and make consumers aware on the other hand.
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