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Chianti Superiore


Chianti Superiore is a DOCG wine and it is an additional mention which can be added to many wines from the Chianti area harvested in a more rigid discipline, inspired by the Chianti Classico rules . The maximum yield per hectare is lower and the ageing must be longer than DOCG Chianti. In this way Chianti Superiore obtains a more aromatic concentration and greater body. This division was made [...]


The name „Chianti“ appears for the first time in 1404 in some notarial papers. Chianti is then become very famous and in 1716 The grand duke of Tuscany Cosimo III decided to protect the denomination „Chianti“. The denomination „Chanti“ can be completed by different specifications such as Classico, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colli Senesi, Colline Pisane, Montalbano, Rùfina and Montespertol[...]
Chianti Classico


Chianti Classico is a type of DOCG Chianti. Chianti Classico can be produced in the area between the provinces of Florence and Siena and includes only 14 municipalities : the entire territory of the municipalities of Greve in Chianti , Castellina in Chianti , Gaiole in Chianti and Radda in Chianti , and part of the territory of the municipalities of Barberino Val d ' Elsa , San Casciano Val di P[...]
Sagrantino di Montefalco


The Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG or Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG takes its name from the grape from which they are produced , which grows only in Umbria in the green hills of Montefalco and Bevagna and in the municipalities of Giano dell ' Umbria , Gualdo Cattaneo and Castel Ritaldi . The name of Sagrantino grape derives from the tradition of the Franciscan friars who cultivated this grape from wh[...]


The name Barbaresco comes from the homonymous town in the province of Cuneo, where a the end of the 19th century the wine expert Domizio Cavazza bought a castle and its sourrounding vineyards and began the production of this excellent wine. According to the production area this wine can be slightly different: for example if Barbaresco is produced in the area of Treviso it is more full-bodied, if [...]
Barolo Riserva


Barolo Riserva is a kind of Barolo DOCG. A Barolo DOCG can become „Riserva“ when it is aged for 62 months, 18 of these in oak or chestnuts wood barrels. The grapes used to produce Barolo Riserva comes from the areas of La Morra, Monforte d'Alba, Roddi, Verduno, Cherasco, Diano d'Alba, Novello und Grinzane Cavour in the province of Cuneo. The Nebbiolo vines ripen at the end of October and have [...]
Brunello di Montalcino Riserva


Brunello di Montalcino Riserva is a kind of Brunello di Montalcino. A Brunello di Montalcino can become Riserva when it can be sold since the 1st January of the 6th year after the harvest. It must be aged almost 2 years in oak barrels and 6 months in bottles. With the ageing, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva becomes an intense, full-bodied and high aromatic red wine. The international success [...]
Amarone della Valpolicella


The Amarone della Valpolicella is an italian DOCG wine. It is a dry red wine, which is produced in the same way of a sweet wine. Adelino Lucchese tried in 1963 the sweet wine Recioto, which for a mistake was aged too long. This wine had also a particular bitter flavour and its alcoholic level was higher than normal Recioto. For this reason Lucchese called this new wine „Amarone“. The Amarone[...]
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