Italian Michelin-starred chefs

Giorgio Locatelli


Giorgio Locatelli is chef in his restaurant 'Locanda Locatelli' in London. Giorgio Locatelli won 'Best Italian Restaurant' at the London Carlton Restaurant Awards for two consecutive years and gained his first Michelin star in 1999 for his restaurant Zafferano, only four years later that Zafferano restaurant opened the doors. In 2002 opened Locanda Locatelli which gained a Michelin star in 2003, retained every year since then. Giorgio is consi[...]
Carlo Cracco


Carlo Cracco is probably one of the most famous chef in Italy. He has been universally acclaimed for giving to traditional Italian food his innovative touch, combining traditional recipes from the Milanese cuisine with its modern views. His first success, Cracco Restaurant in Milan in Piazza Duomo, in 2007, already gained two Michelin stars. One of his most famous dishes is the Insalata di Cipolle: a revisiting of the traditional onion salad, wit[...]
Bruno Barbieri


Barbieri started his career in the 70's working for a cruise line. This gave him the opportunity to explore many different regional cuisines, including the United States, South America and the Caribbean cuisines. Barbieri, along with Gualtiero Marchesi, is the only Italian chef to have the majority of Michelin starred restaurants: 1 for Grotta di Brisighella, 2 stars for Trigabolo (Argenta), 2 stars for Locanda Solarola, 2 stars for Ristorante Ar[...]
Davide Scabin


Playing with shapes and products, Scabin mastered a perfect ability on focusing on the taste. He also prepared for NASA and ESA 5 Italian traditional dishes, among them, caponata, tiramisu, parmigiana di melanzane (eggplants parmigiana) to be consumed by astronauts in the space. His restaurant in Rivoli (Turin) Combal.Zero gained Michelin's Two Stars, Gambero Rosso's Three Forks, an 18,5/20 score from the Espresso Gourmet Guide, and ranked 40th p[...]
Paolo Casagrande


2 Michelin Stars Paolo Casagrande, currently Chef at Restaurant Lasarte in Barcellona. Cuisine is his passion since he was a child. His career has been characterised by depth commitment, consistency and considerable hard work. From an early age he travelled to acquire the creativity needed to develop as a Chef in various cities like Milan, London, Avignon, Paris, Tenerife and San Sebastian. As he said: 'In gastronomy, what is most important is th[...]
Mauro Uliassi


Mauro Uliassi is the Chef and owner of Restaurant Uliassi, located in Senigallia (Ancona). He started to familiarise in his parents' bar. He then enrolled to cooking school, but the revelation came with the cordon bleu Luca Capannari. In 1990 Mauro, with his sister Catia, opened Restaurant Uliassi, which gained 2 Michelin stars. He is specialized in particular in seafood. Some of his creations are: Calamaretti Senigallia Fest and crab juice and C[...]
Antonino Cannavacciuolo


He gained experience and improved his skills in France, in the most famous and awarded kitchens such as 'Auberge Dell'Ile' in Illerausen and the 'Buerehiesel' in Strasbourg, but also in Italy, in the Grand Hotel Quisisana, when the kitchen was ruled by Gualtiero Marchesi. In 1999 he took over the management of Villa Crespi Hotel & Restaurant on Lake Orta with his wife Cinzia Primatesta. Since 2012 Villa Crespi became member of Relais et Chateaux [...]
Gianfranco Vissani


Giancarlo Vissani started at the age of 13 to work with his parents in the restaurant Casa Vissani on Corbara Lake. In 1973, Gianfranco took the business of his father and thanks to its remarkable artistic/culinary vein, made it greit, so that today the restaurant is listed in the best guides as one of the best Italian restaurants, maintaining its position at the top.The restaurant gained two Michelin stars, confirmed in the 2011 edition of the g[...]
Giancarlo Perbellini


Giancarlo Perbellini took his first steps at restaurant 'Marconi' and '12 Apostoli' in Verona, after this experiences he moved to 'San Domenico' in Imola. In 1989, he opened the restaurant Isola Rizza, where he was able to mix the taste of tradition with innovation. Three years later, in 1992, his hard work produced its first successes: he was awarded the 'Chef Europeen du Poisson'. In 1996, Giancarlo Perbellini earned his first Michelin star and[...]
Massimo Mantarro


Massimo Mantarro started working at the San Domenico Palace Hotel in 1991. Thanks to his dedication and his passion for the culinary innovation, has been promoted to Sous Chef. After some important work experiences with several starred chefs, in 2003 became Executive Chef at San Domenico Palace. One year later opened the gourmet restaurant Principe Cerami, that received awards from the most important national food guides, and in 2008 obtained the[...]
Claudio Sadler


After his culinary training, Claudio Sadler spent 13 years teaching at Milan Scuola Alberghiera. After that he opened his first restaurant in Pavia in 1982. He gained his second Michelin star in 2002. Renowned for his classic yet contemporary dishes, Sadler focuses greatly on tradition and accuracy. His menus reflect seasonal and regional ingredients prepared with innovation and his own personal flair.[...]
Vincenzo Candiano


Born and grew up in Ragusa, Sicily, after graduating from the Istituto Alberghiero of Modica, Vicenzo Candiano became the executive chef of Locanda don Serafino. In 2007 he was awarded with the title of Best Young Emerging Chef in Southern Italy and in 2013 he received his second Michelin Star. Candiano is considered an ambassador for the regional cuisine of Ragusa in the world. His dishes represent his Sicilian heritage, taking inspiration from [...]
Pino Cuttaia


Pino Cuttaia is the owner of the acclaimed restaurant La Madia in his home-town of Licata, Sicily. After working for a factory in Turin for 8 years, he discovered his passion for cooking and moved back to Sicily to pursue his dream, so that opened a restaurant. His dishes took inspiration from both his Sicilian roots and his time spent in northern Italy, combining two different italian cooking styles in a unique way. Cuttaia's ingenuity and passi[...]
Ciccio Sultano


Originally from Sicily, Sultano spent time working at Felidia in New York before returning to Ragusa, his home town, where in 2000 opened his restaurant Il Duomo. In 2004 he gained his first Michelin Star and in 2006 his second. Sultano is well known for transforming traditional Sicilian ingredients such as bottarga, lemons, anchovies and pistachios into elaborate and contemporary dishes. He places great importance on the freshness of ingredients[...]
Gennaro Esposito


Born in the coastal town of Vico Equense in Naples in 1970, he grew up with a love and respect for the fresh products grown on his family's farm. He was inspired by his mother's, when he was only nine years old, he started to cook in his uncle's pastry shop. There he also started to appreciate the techniques and nuances of combining flavours. From the age of fourteen, Gennaro juggled work in local pizzerias and restaurants with his studies at[...]
Anthony Genovese


Born in France in 1968 from Calabrian parents, Anthony Genovese worked in France, UK, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. In Italy he started to work at the restaurant Rossellinis in the Hotel Palazzo Sasso in Ravanello, where he gained his first Michelin star. In 2003 he arrives in Rome, where he opened his own restaurant 'Il Pagliaccio'. The name 'Il Pagliaccio' comes from a painting that his mother gave him to celebrate his peculiar but also well[...]
Moreno Cedroni


Born in 1964 in Ancona, at the age of 27 Moreno Cedroni opened the restaurant 'La Madonnina del Pescatore' in Senigallia. He is considered one of the most innovative chef in Italy. He wrote the book 'Sushi&Susci', where he presented his innovative way to reinterpret the traditional dish of Japan. In 2001 he opened 'Clandestino Susci Bar' in Portonuovo and in 2003 he began to produce in his workshop his famous gourmet. He also opened the fi[...]
Enrico Bartolini


Enrico Bartolini was born in Pescia (PT), is 34 yearsold and graduated at Istituto professionale alberghiero F. Martini in Montecatini Terme. He represents a unique and entrepreneurial reality which is growing rapidly, acquiring more and more success and fame in the world of Haute Cuisine. Enrico obtained his first Michelin star at the age of 29, the second at the age of 33, becoming a worldwide recognized Chef. Intuition, creativity, reliabilit[...]
Antonio Guida


Antonio Guida was born in 1972 in Salento, Apulia. After finished his studies at the hotel school, since 1998 Guida started to collect valuable experiences in Italy, France and Asia. In 2004 he became executive chef at the Restaurant 'Pellicano' in Porto Ercole at Monte Argentario, where he gained his first Michelin star and in 2010 he received his second Michelin star. In 2011, the restaurant got 'Tre Forchette' in the Gambero Rosso guide . T[...]
Alessandro Negrini


Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani are the young chefs who have picked up the baton of Aimo e Nadia in Milan's historic sign. Today they are the heirs of that unique style which can gather the legacy of the rich national culinary history, enriching it with new meanings and signs. Alessandro Negrini, who graduated from a catering school, worked at the Hotel Palace in Saint Moritz and Gallia Palace Punta Ala before he arrived at Il luogo di Aimo [...]


Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Integrated platform for the Promotion, Protection and Preservation of the culture of 'Made in Italy' food and wine all over the world.
Project funded by POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I Action 1.3.1 'Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative high-intensity knowledge-intensive start-ups and research spin-off initiatives'.
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana
Regione Umbria, PorFers
Regione Umbria, PorFers
Integrated platform for the Promotion, Protection and Preservation of the culture of 'Made in Italy' food and wine all over the world.
Project funded by POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I Action 1.3.1 'Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative high-intensity knowledge-intensive start-ups and research spin-off initiatives'.
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