Italian Michelin-starred chefs

Davide Oldani


A protégé of both Alain Ducasse and Gualtiero Marchesi, Davide Oldani believes that high prices are not a synonymous of quality cuisine. His restaurant, the Trattoria d' 'O', opened in 2003 near Milan, gained 1 Michelin star. Recently Oldany appeared in the popular culinary show 'The Chef'. His style reflects Italy's tradition and can be defined 'pop', in the meaning of popular, as well as 'poor cuisine' because follows the rhythm of the nature,[...]
Roberto Rispoli


Chef Roberto Rispoli, 32 years old, has been at the helm of Il Carpaccio since the reopening in Le Royal Monceau in Paris in 2010. Being inspired by his Southern Italian heritage, Roberto Rispoli's dishes reflect the taste of excellent regional products. Some of his famous dishes include a roasted lobster in Barolo wine sauce, with wild mushrooms and rosemary Buffalo milk's cheese mozzarella. His very personal interpretation of Italian cuisine l[...]
Daniele Usai


Daniele Usai, finished his studies, started to work in La Terrazza Eden in Rome where developed a strong interest in cooking in a professional environment. The work with Nino di Constanzo also helped Daniele to refine his own style. With his friend, sommelier Claudio Bronzes, in 2006, took over a local wine bar in their hometown, Ostia di Lago. They converted the small building into a small restaurant called Il Tino; their home for the last nine [...]
Antonello Colonna


Antonello Colonna is the chef and owner of the Open Colonna in Rome and the Colonna Resort&Spa in Labico, which in 2014 gained a Michelin star. Antonello Colonna is famous for having restored the traditional Roman cuisine. One of his best recipes is risotto amatriciana. In 1997 ENIT named him 'Ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world'. In 2000 he was the Official Chef of the Italian Prime Minister. In 2007 he opened the Open Colonna Restaurant [...]
Peter Girtler


Recently named 'Chef of the Year' for 2016 in the region of Sudtirol by the magazine Great Guide of Restaurants and Hotels 2016, Peter Girtler is the executive chef of the Romantik Hotel Stafler in Vipiteno, Bolzano. His dishes are influenced by the land and shaped by tradition and awareness of quality. He gained many awards such as a Michelin star, five Gualt Millau Hats and the title of 2006's Trainer of the Year in South Tyrol. However, when a[...]
Norbert Niederkofler


Norbert Niederkofler's culinary roots can be followed back to his father in Valle Aurina, a small valley in the province of Bolzano, where he developed a passion for home cooking and quality local ingredients. He was first trained in Germany, and then travelled to Switzerland, USA and Austria. Returning to Italy he was trained by Nadia Santini and in 1994 he joined the kitchen of Hotel Rosa Alpina. His cooking philosophy can be described as ‘simp[...]
Marco Martini


At the age of 24 he gained his first Michelin Star as executive chef at Open Collona in 2009, becoming one of the youngest Italian chefs to be awarded with this honour. In London he worked with renowned chefs such as Heinz Beck and Tom Aikens. Awarded the title of Emerging Chef of Italy in 2013, he soon inaugurated his first restaurant Stazione di Posta in Rome, that received a Michelin Star as well. His dishes focus on the balance between flavou[...]
Cristina Bowerman


After graduating in Law and Forensic Studies in the USA, Bowerman started to study the Culinary arts at the famous Parisian institute Cordon Bleu. Returned to Italy, this Puglia-born chef in 2006 opened Glass Hostaria in Rome. She took a unique approach to food, constantly evolving the menu in her restaurant and putting an innovative spin on Italian regional cuisine. In 2008 Bowerman gained two Forks by Gambero Rosso and in 2010 she received a Mi[...]
Andrea Sarri


Grew up from family restaurant owners, at the age of fifteen Andrea Sarri turned cooking passion into a career and travelled all over Italy and France to gain experience in top restaurants. When he came back home to Imperia, opened his first restaurant, Agrodolce, in 2004 . His knowledge and skills led him to becoming president of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe in 2012. Ten years after opening Agrodolce, Andrea left the restaurant to open [...]
Alessandro Dal Degan


Born in Turin in 1981, Alessandro Dal Degan grew up with a deep love and respect for his territory. Finished the Scuola Alberghiera Buontalenti in Florence, in 2000 he managed the restaurant Macchiaioli in Sesto Fiorentino and 5 years later he started to work as sous chef at the restaurant Gallopapa in Castellina in Chianti, where he developed his abilities and talent. In 2008 he came back to Asiago and became chef executive by the restaurant '[...]
Mario Affinita


Mario Affinita is a young chef grew up with the principles of respect and care for the local products of Campania and all raw materials, with well- entrenched bases in the classic cuisine, Neapolitan and Italian, which became the starting point for his journey toward finding flavors, techniques and approaches that tend to enhance the true essence of each ingredient. From its origins in bakery, traditional and innovative, he enriched over time hi[...]
Andrea Ribaldone


Andrea Ribaldone, an experienced chef who started cooking under the chef Riccardo Aiachini at 'La Fermata' restaurant (Michelin Star since 2003). In 2012 he founded 'Arco srl', a company which aims to use the Chef's experiences to promote Italian food quality abroad. The company provides expert advice and high level of training, research and development and organisation of big events. He is a weekly guest on the television programme 'La prova de[...]
Silvio Salmoiraghi


From six years head chef of the restaurant Acquerello in Fagnano Olona, Silvio Salmoiraghi is executive chef of the Antica Osteria del Ponte of Cassinetta Lugagnano, an historic restaurant on the Navigli in Milan, owned by the family Santin from '76 . He was born in '74 in Varese, where he attended the hotel school and after several internships, he spent three years in a training experience at Locanda del Lago Ternate . He began a collaboration[...]
Andrea Cannalire


Andrea Cannalire is only 29 years old when bacame the youngest chef who received a Michelin star. He studied at the Istituto Alberghiero in Brindisi and started his career with Teresa Galeone at the restaurant 'Già sotto l'arco' in Brindisi. Then he worked for six months with Antonino Cannavacciuolo at 'Villa Crespi' in Orta San Giulio. After ten years around Italy, he arrived at the Relais 'La Sommità', where last year he gained his first Mic[...]
Giuliano Baldessari


Giuliano Baldessari was born in Trento in 1977, in Rocegno, surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Giuliano developed here his passion for cooking and hospitality and attended the three-year course 'Macrosector Hospitality' of Levico Terme training center . Finished his studies he gained experience in 'Hotel Posta', 'Cavallino Bianco Bolzano Ortisei- Miramonti', 'Grand Hotel' in Cortina d'Ampezzo' and 'Restaurants Villa D' Este Srl' in Cernobbio ([...]
Oliver Piras


Oliver Piras was born in 1986, after the cooking school in Monserrato (Cagliari ), at the age of 18 years old he went to Strasbourg, France. After the Alsatian experience he came back to S'Apposentu in Sardinia, where he met Roberto Petza . In Belgium he met the chef Alberico Penati at the Hotel Amigo. After a valuable experience in London with Joël Robuchon, he attended the school 'Da Vittorio' in Brusaporto (Bergamo), where he spent three years[...]
Martina Caruso


Martina Caruso was born in Salina and grew up at the Hotel Signum, owned by his family since 30 years. Martina Caruso discovered his passion for cooking at the age of 14 and when she was 16 years old, decided to go to study in Cefalu. She began working during the winter in Cefalu and during the summer in Rome, where she also worked at Piper al Rex and with the chef Antonello Colonna. Then she moved to London for a period. When she was only 23 y[...]
Matteo Metullio


Matteo Metullio was born in Trieste on 3 March 1989. When he was 12 years he already known that he wanted to study the culinary art, so he decided to attend the hotel school I.P.S.S.A.R. in Falcade (BL) . During summer periods he made his first experiences in restaurants and hotels in various part of Italy . Finished his studies, the decisive experience is at the restaurant 'Alle Codole' in Agordo (BL) , where he met the chef Oscar Tibolla. Th[...]
Cristian Torsiello


After his collaboration with Niko Romito, Cristian Torsiello had the dream of opening his own restaurant in Valva, his native town near Salerno . Today, this dream is reality and Cristian Torsiello manages his own restaurant with his brother Tomas, who is also the restaurant's sommelier . His cuisine is based on the ingredients of his region, Campania, which he uses to create innovative recipes. His favorite ingredients are trout, lamb and sto[...]
Luca Abbruzzino


Luca Abbruzzino was born in Crotone and spent his childhood in Andali, a small mountain town, where he learned to love the genuine and traditional ingredients of his region Calabria. Soon, his palate became accustomed to the flavors and the taste of traditional cuisine, and he followed with admiration the career of his father Antonio. After the scientific degree, he began to work in the family's restaurant. The passion for the culinary art pushe[...]
Antonia Klugmann


Antonia offers a cuisine linked to products of her native country, with a constant research of new pairings and sensations, but always link to her personal memories of raw materials and ingredients. Antonia has demonstrated with her stubborn determination that she is, in every sense, a true Friulan. Cooking has always been her passion, and she entered the gastronomy world when she was studying Law at the Universy of Milan. After attending gener[...]
Maura Gosio


The story of Maura Gosio is a legend of a cultivated passion. The adventure of Maura Gosio begun almost by chance and thanks to the fish: 'Let's say, I was a bit forced by my husband, who is now sommelier at the Petit Royal: after 25 years he decided to open a restaurant. ' She knew how to cook and she loved to do it. Maura Gosio in 2014, with the definition of 'star of the snows,' had the pleasure of being awarded with her first Michelin sta[...]
Lorenzo Cogo


After finishing his studies, Lorenzo Cogo flies to the other side of the world, to Shannon Bennet's Vue de Mond, in Melbourne. From there he moved to Sydney where he learned the techniques of the famous Mark Best in his Marque Restaurant. He then moved to the Far East, where started an internship with Heston Blumenthal in his renowned The Fat Duck. He had a very peculiar inclination for the East, so much that he arrived in the Land of the Rising [...]
Giorgio Damini


Damini Macelleria & Affini ('butchery and goods') is an intersection of quality, knowledge and creativity celebrated by those who seek greatness in taste and in health. Just beyond the front doors begins a voyage of taste, from aromas to flavors, a joyous atmosphere full of tangible passion; a sensation transmitted by those that truly love what they do. The project is the joint effort of two brothers, Gian Pietro and Giorgio, who have united[...]


Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana, Regione Umbria, PorFers
Integrated platform for the Promotion, Protection and Preservation of the culture of 'Made in Italy' food and wine all over the world.
Project funded by POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I Action 1.3.1 'Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative high-intensity knowledge-intensive start-ups and research spin-off initiatives'.
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana
Unione europea, Repubblica italiana
Regione Umbria, PorFers
Regione Umbria, PorFers
Integrated platform for the Promotion, Protection and Preservation of the culture of 'Made in Italy' food and wine all over the world.
Project funded by POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I Action 1.3.1 'Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative high-intensity knowledge-intensive start-ups and research spin-off initiatives'.
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