Decimi: the italian olive oil with French Chateau philosophy

On 18 June 2015 by 100ita

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Graziano Decimi is a family driven company located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and specialised in the extra-virgin olive oil production. A company whose products are in the highest positions in the high quality olive oil market. And we are talking about world market. The story of Graziano is an example of how ideas, passion, strength and determination always make the difference, whatever the difficulties.


Absolute quality”: this is the thread that Graziano and Romina have been following along these years since the factory was founded in 2004. A project that is both industrial and passional, matured long before being initiated and followed with great attention, care, energy, work, also involving experts coming from different fields so to have the best in terms of production plants and procedures to always obtain the best for the company products. The “absolute quality” Graziano Decimi has been seeking since the foundation of the company 11 years ago.

Absolute quality” could sound as a mere and too easy slogan, but in this specific case it the must be intended literally. Each single step of the production process, from the first one up to the last, also considering aspects apparently evaluated as “marginal”, are treated with the utmost attention and follow the best procedures available at the moment. So, from the extraction of the olive oil from the fruit, up to the aesthetics of the bottles made of dark glass with measuring cap, everything is carefully studied and developed so to reach the highest possible rank in quality.

Absolute quality” also means coherence with your own philosophy even if this can bring to very difficult decisions. An example will give a better idea of what we mean. The oil harvest of 2014 did not match the expectations of quality of Graziano. As a consequence Graziano decided to stop the production for that year and inform (a note on the social media on November 2014) his own customers and followers about the reason of such a difficult choice.

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In other words: Graziano Decimi manages the olive oil production with the very same philosophy that belongs to the great and famous “French chateau”: quality cannot be secondary to the production. Never. So, if a year is not up to the expectations, the production of that year cannot reach, and must not reach, the market. Easy, clear and difficult at the same time. But this is what “Absolute Quality” means.

And so here we are: a medium/little factory, very young, located in a tiny Umbrian village and a list of products that have had, and still have, the highest rank of quality worldwide
The list of awards of Graziano Decimi is simply impressive. Just open the page of 100ITA dedicated to Decimi  to have an idea of what we are talking about.

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Eleven years ago Graziano Decimi and his wife Romina had only an idea, a dream and a great determination, but no one could bet on the success of their dream: they were starting from scratch and the market was filled up by competitors.

Now, eleven years after, we can say that the path was hard and very challenging, but the will to create something very special and personal in the olive oil market was so strong to make it possible for Decimi to reach his goal in this very short time. National market first, then the European one and the Chinese in the last years.

In between, so many events, exhibitions, trade shows where Graziano, with determination and ability brings its products to convince the experts and become a reference point in the market.
The recent commercial agreement with 100ITA gives a boost to the diffusion of the brand, not only because of the potentiality of 100ITA, but also because 100ITA is able to give Graziano a very important item, a basic and fundamental one in the same Graziano’s philosophy: the education on the product.

Knowing and understanding why the value of a product is by far higher than the mere economic cost of the product itself: this is education, which means workshops (in Beijing for example) about olive oil: the importance of it in the human health, the importance of quality along with the good taste, the so many different ways to use olive oil, the so many positive properties and effects of this green treasure.
Food culture and, in this case, the culture of high quality olive oil, is a fundamental point for both Decimi and 100ITA, and it is a core point for foreigner markets where olive oil is still something misunderstood.

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From the organization and production point of view, the whole activity, each step of it, is directly coordinated and controlled by Decimi family. It should be clear at this point that the story of Decimi is a story of life, not only of work and production. Graziano is clear on this point: no compromise, at any level, never. And if someone were to say these decisions could be dangerous and the market should be taken into consideration, Graziano answers that this is not his own philosophy.

On the contrary, the Graziano’s philosophy has been recognised and praised by so many national and international awards along the years: “Best of the world” for the Muraiolo olive oil in 2012, just to say one.


At the moment the high quality olive oil of Decimi is available in 6 products:

Emozione, Emozione DOP , Emozione BIO, Muraiolo, San Felice, Frantoio (see the page 100ITA for details).

Each one with a specific character so to make it perfect for various different tastes, each one with the same, top quality level, each one capable to have positive effects on the health along with the pleasure of the taste.
An holistic vision, as Graziano says: “Our product is someway “holistic” and made for the human being thought as a single entity of body, mind and soul. And in this way, our product will be able to satisfy the needs of taste and health of those who will use it”.

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